New faces

New faces

In strange places

Make you feel

Like you are alive

And that feeling

Is so wonderful

And delicious

You can’t stop

Getting drown in it


green and grey

today I discovered a road

that took me to an abandoned place

where green mixed with grey

and it gave me hope

that even in the darkest times

light will find us

Value the little things

Society is so goal driven that we forget to take a break and take time to look what’s happening around us.  Today, for example, I went to see an Latvian movie, the title “Es esmu šeit” (I am here), about youngsters, not in the legal age, who become orphans because their grandmother passes away by age, try to fool the system and try to break free, find happiness, make their mom come back from abroad where she started a new life and a new family, to still end up in the orphanage.

About all the little things that run in my head daily, to someone, it’s their daydream, to be able to be here, where I am.

So, no matter what, I will be grateful. And always try to remember to find time to help others who need my help. And remind myself to step back from my daily life and look at the bigger picture.


show me a book

that is unwritten

give me a faith

that the writer will come

and finish the project

on which they gave up

long time ago

It’s going to be okay

Sometimes it feels like the universe is against you but then you have to look at the story from a different perspective – you have so much chances to take, places to explore and new people to meet.

Life is a gift and it’s beautiful. Just because something isn’t going the way you planned doesn’t mean everything is ruined. It’s going to be okay. Just take the best what every chance can offer and learn from them.


Everything can change

in one minute

You are here

and then you’re gone forever

Memories still sting

like wasp’s kiss on skin

the city

The city is dark at night. It’s past midnight and you’re on the streets, alone. Drunk men ask you questions but you don’t stop. You keep walking like you own this place. You feel like you do because you have spent your whole life here, in the streets who give you scare. This is your home. Then why do you feel so scared?


The thing with poetry is that you can be whatever you want, whenever you, with who you want and how you want. There is no “No” in the universe of poetry. All you need to have is good imagination and concentration to spend few hours building up a story you would find attractive.