Value the little things

Society is so goal driven that we forget to take a break and take time to look what’s happening around us.  Today, for example, I went to see an Latvian movie, the title “Es esmu šeit” (I am here), about youngsters, not in the legal age, who become orphans because their grandmother passes away by age, try to fool the system and try to break free, find happiness, make their mom come back from abroad where she started a new life and a new family, to still end up in the orphanage.

About all the little things that run in my head daily, to someone, it’s their daydream, to be able to be here, where I am.

So, no matter what, I will be grateful. And always try to remember to find time to help others who need my help. And remind myself to step back from my daily life and look at the bigger picture.


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