inhale exhale

inhale exhale

you’re here

it’s here

it’s happening now

tick tock

you feel it

inside yourself

your fingers

they are shaking

you want to throw up

inhale exhale

it’s happening now

you’re here

inhale exhale

go go go

smile smile

inhale exhale

you want to run

far far away


gray skies

I looked out the window.

It was raining.

You hate getting soaked in the rain.

It’s funny how I remember that.

I always remember when it rains.

I always remember the day you let me in.

I got the chance to understand you.

You told me that you remembered me from the day

When I thought I was invisible.

It’s funny how I’m writing this now

When you’re gone away.

I miss those little moments that made my heart skip a beat.

Now there’s only gray skies above me.


clock strikes six

in the morning

as our bodies part

to leave the place

where we met

to never

be seen again


as you leave

I watch you

disappear from my life

as you appeared

like lightning

that strikes

so fast

yet so impressive.


I breath in

the cold air

as it freezes

the stardust

inside of me.

We are made

of stardust,

of galaxies,

so why we

never ever

live up to them?


art of being yourself

Oscar Wilde said

be yourself… everyone else is already taken

the art of being yourself

sounds so strange to me

when people point out

that my way is wrong

I want to scream at them


but I always stop myself

not worth it.



I wish

I wish I knew

Where this road takes

I wish I could

Understand the look you give me

When we part our ways

I wish I knew

Where to go

And what to do


Hey, sleepy head,

Summer is coming.

The sun out from hiding,

The animals out from hibernating,

But you are sleepy  and lost.

Hey, sleepy head,

What the heck is happening?



the world

is cold

every day

I ask myself

if there will ever

be a time

when people will

live in peace

no matter what

goes on

in their heads